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*walks in room*


*walks out of room*

What I mean to say is: Hello. In the beginning of April, I had built another computer and i've been up and running for 1 month now. Been without a good PC for a good 2 half months. That was a lot of wasted time. So now instead of drawing, I've started using 3DS Max and I'm learning low poly modeling. Playing little bit of Overwatch again. And I'm studying sound design on a synthesizer (something that has nothing to do with my career). Now plz excuse me, I'll be disappearing again. And come back with a few more fanarts I got sitting around. Laterz
I already did this long ago, but I'ma do it again since some things have changed over time and recently. I also like to stay organized and reachable as possible and in case anyone else runs into this too. Just gonna leave this here:

Direct contact for commissioning or personal:

Personal Website
Commission Information
DeviantArt [You are here]
Weasyl [Currently inactive]
TheGeekyGalleon! [Under Construction]
FurStream or
Youtube- Enigmatic-Wolf| EN1GMAT1C

Cheers for more art, improvement and productivity in the future years to come. So many ideas and things to do, it will be slow, but I will still be actively arting ^-^.
Keep on keeping on and stay awesome!
Dangit, it's already been a week and half that my PC has died. So I've been stuck silent like this for awhile.
I still got no diagnosis to what the problem is, but well, I can't play any high end games... or many games at all. And that's the only computer that lets my tablet work properly. Ergh doodling has been slower, since I got peeps commissioning me elsewhere and I'm having tablet pressure sensitivity issues (because i'm emulating windows inside of Mac still >.> and this same stupid macbook is the only one that "works" with the tablet asdjfkl; ). But well, that's not stopping me from drawing.

I am still very much alive. I'm being more active on Furaffinity (… ) go there if you want to see more exclusive doodles I've been doing or silently stalk me there.

Here on DA I'm just checking out my watches and favoriting art, sometimes commenting to others. When I get down the time to draw something for myself and worth posting, I'll post it up here on DA. I'ma just type down some things and share what I plan to do currently. Kinda to let you know what to expect and a sort of thing for me to announce and have a reason to do them. (Also whenever I let others know what I want/plan to do, I actually end up accomplishing that goal. o.O)

  • -Right now, I need to finish all pending commissions. And incoming commissions.
  • -There's this coolio freebie thing I want to do once every year. I call them "Random art gifties". I'll make a journal on FA of more info about it and upload 10 freebies for the mystery peeps whom have been on my list for a long while. Currently got 2 out of 10 down. I hope it's a pleasant unexpected surprise for them :'D
  • -There are 2 current contests I will join. One due for March and another due for May. The contest due for March is my current priority next to commissions. I'll be on the hunt for more contests throughout the year
  • -I'm (FINALLY) digging back into my files where I store all information, story ideas and concepts of ALL my characters I have created. I actually have 7 different and separate story ideas, some with only anthros, others with only humans, and both. I will be cleaning up and continuing developing these characters and stories. And I want to at least doodle some sketches of them and start using my Tumblr to share my ideas. I have yet to talk about my OCs because I'm actually super shy sharing my stuff (YES I'M SHY, NOT NEW NEWS), I gotta suck it up and just just DO IT!!! 
  • My tumblr has a brick wall as a header. That needs to change. But not in a while, I kind of like it. It makes me laugh for some reason.
  • Wait 6 months until I can change my personal website. And then change it. If you're still reading and curious about it, you can check out my official website here:
  • I have an actual personal blog called The Geeky Galleon! It's still in private and I have yet to use it. I will be using it to archive some technical and geeky projects I want to do for fun. Programming, chiptune tracking, demos and game mods is what it will contain.
  • Learn Illustrator properly (all I use it for is to use the pen tool lol). Learn Python programming & 3DS Max for character rigging. Use Cube2 and variants of the game engine to practice creating player model mods. This is going to be difficult, but fun.
  • Side by side with learning the things I listed above, I will be practicing HARD to find a job position that needs what I know. I decided that I want to be an animator for video games. Character rigging, ingame animation and possibly low poly modeling & texturing is what I will be doing.
  • Find a way to pay off my college debt............*internally screams*
  • Find a way to wipe out this macbook's OS and change it to ReactOS. It's a new operating system I am excited for bcuz I can finally diss Windows 7 for another OS that acts and feels like Win95 and still run all the latest games, executables and many more file formats from other OSs into 1. *geeky fangirl squee*
  • Save my moneys for cute accessories and stuff I want. There's these charms I'm waiting for them to come back on sale, a hoodie I want, cute animal buttons to decorate my computer bag, etc stuff that are useless, but fun to have. Doesn't hurt to treat myself right? ;-;

These are the things that are running in my mind. Sorry for such a long and boring journal you probably don't care about. If you read all the way through regardless then thank you! Have a free cookie: COokie

Have a fabulous day everyone and don't break your computers >.>



So I was going to finish a drawing but I decided to clean up my hard drive first. And then Windows crashed and shutdown. I tried booting it up again and it gave me errors saying the hard drive is corrupted and inaccessible....

Now this time, nothing was backed up previously..

Sure it's April 1st today, but really guys, this time it's no joke.

I had all my internship studio files in there, no one else has them or can access the originals except for me.

Right now I'm on another pc in the house. I don't backup my files on the many other computers I have, they're all just in one computer and now that is dead. All the setup files for my programs, software, games, art folders, my college portfolio files just gone.

All that work made and disappeared in an instant. Now I have nothing to show. I don't know what to say to the executive producer about the studio files.. I'm getting scared..

I wish I had made a restore point or backups somehow, I was just trying to move around files and this happened

My hands are shaking.
I don't know what to do.

EDIT: I just managed to get it back working, but this is what my drive and desktop is showing me:
I'm done.
Almost done anyway, still have one more class thursday and then I'm done.
I'm tired. I'm more creatively tired than anything. Just one week of break and back to slavery I go.

Gonna have to make the best of it.

Also since I'm (kind of) back, I have a little story to tell that happened to me today. Read if you like, I just feel like getting this off my chest becuz it was wierd and kind of concerning:

So I decided to take the bus today to get an all day pass for today and tomorrow to go to school. I hurried up to catch the bus and passed by some dude sitting down at the stop. He smiled said hi, I quickly said hi, he wanted to ask for my name but I had to catch le bus so I went in. Payed, sat down, chilled. Then moments later, he comes in and sits a few seats away from me. In silence.

Most awkward ride ever. Sat there a good minutes minding my own business, in silence. Then he mustered the courage to say hi once more, I quickly exchanged hellos and went back to my silence. Minutes later again he asks if I lived around the area of the bustop we came from, I responded yes (but didn't say where I lived, ohoho no).He suggested that we should hang out.

I just met the dude, why the crap am i going to hang with a stranger?? I said I was too busy and I got college to attend. More riding in silence. Also guys, I just got sick on Friday night so I've been sick for 4 days, today was VERY windy, I was tired with dry throat and sniffling up a storm, I really really did not want to talk to anyone.

This dude and I sat there awkwardly for a few blocks and then I got off on my stop. I thought I didn't have to see him again. Nope, he followed behind. At this point, I'm getting a bit worried. I stopped at the corner waiting to cross and he comes again and asks if my college is anywhere close, and then he asked a question I hate the most.

"Are you single"

In my mind, all the sirens and alarms went off. I was relaxed and told him I was not interested. But what I was really thinking was "NOPENOPENOPENOENPENOPENOPENOPENOPE". I quickly cut off the conversation with that (if that was even a conversation at all...) and walked right by him as soon as I could cross the crosswalk. Went to my stop and waited, luckily he didn't follow me again. I need to not be so naive to think that because minutes later HE CAME TO THE STOP TOO AUUUGGHAJSFKLAJKFL;A. Someone help me.

More awkward waiting. Even moar awkward when getting in the bus. And creepy meter to the max when I climb in, go to the second floor of the bus and chilled at the back, he actually climbed on the same floor and sat at the front, making few occasional glimpses back at me. 30 minutes ride like this. 30. MINUTES.

I got off my stop and as a safety measure, I purposely took a walk around the U curve of the area in which my college and other buildings reside just to knock out of route incase he actually followed me, then I proceeded to school.

Guys. That was not ok. Even though the dude looked decent and acted nice, he's a total stranger, and I'm not the type of person who likes talking to people. Takes me a long while to warm up to someone, but asking to hang out already is a real no no. This dude is also many feet taller than I am. Not many know, but I'm small person in stature, because of my "forever young" looks I've been often mistaken to be 12 or 14 years old.

I'm freakin' 20. I have no idea what is going through his mind, bad or trying to be nice, I don't care, I have the right to be suspicious in such a situation.

Lesson of the day is: Don't talk to strangers, kids. Also if anyone asks if you're single, you know where this might be going...

And with this story, I bid you goodnight. Or good day if you're reading this in le morning/afternoon. XD Quite a surprise journal but hey, I'm pretty much done. Yea. Cya m8ties.
Not sure if people already pointed this out, but.......anybody remember the movie Back to the Future?

Well, in the second movie of the series, they traveled into the future where there are flying cars and futuristic stuff (that they thought of in the 80s lolol), they went to the future in this date:

Today's the day

Backtothefuture by Enigmatic-Wolf

Alright, Steven Spielberg......

WHERE'S MY FLYING CAR??!?!!?!?! D:<<<<

I just wanted to say that, ahueheuheueh Happy Back to the Future day!! Bye guys!!

Freakin' piece of garbage.

Yesterday I FINALLY bought the charger for my decapitated Macbook air and it's alive and moving. SO I decided to take the rest of my afternoon today trying to install Windows 7 in it in form of a dual boot. I was so close, I stuffed Windows 7 inside 1 ISO image file and moved it into my USB while installing a dual boot loader on the mac. All is well until I open the Boot Camp assistant and tried to download the windows support drivers and only allowed me to do this by downloading into a USB. 

Apparently I need a bigger USB drive for the crap to fit in.

All of my big UBS drives are in use.

I tried to look for the support drivers manually on the internet and I couldn't figure out how would I make it work since they're EXE files instead of .dmg s. Mac can only read .dmg


I'm torn in between having a dual boot or just using an emulator and use an ISO to install through a virtual machine.

I really just want to dual boot so I won't have to turn on the computer and face using the dreaded OSX every time just to only open Win7 and use the virtual machine.

And then I got the problem with the stupid Local item keychains. And some more keychain crap asking for a password. I don't even know what it is.








I'm going to install Windows 7 whether you like it or not and I'm not going to be booting into your dumb OSX again.

we're never going to be friends.



Ok, Wolfy rant over XDDD 

Lol, you guys probably don't know anything of what am I talking about...but if you do, I love you ;u;
I'm mexican.

And I freakin' LOVE chiptune.

This suites me so perfectly.



lolol, alright then.. i'm going back to work XD ..cya


I'm at the weird part of youtube again.

I really can't get over this video.

The music is incredibly enjoyable tho, the title of it definitely fits the mood.

And also I just appeared out of nowhere to waste your time on this journal.



SO HOW YA DOIN' GUYS? XDDDDD HA HA oh man, i really don't want to do my work. #procrastinatingsohardrightnow . but at least I'm doodling a lot offline : D sketching is keeping me busy fo' sho.
Been really busy cleaning the house for the past few days and I've been in the mood to draw.

That hardly happens so I know I really need to draw before I lose this motivation. But I kind of can't because my dad keeps making me do stuff, it's annoying and exhausting.

And I've been itching to draw, buuuut I had to unplug my pc and move my stuff. So I tried connecting my cintiq to the dining room's computer and well.... it doesn't have HDMI port *facepaw*. SO I tried the living room's computer annnndddd the HDMI port works, but it doesn't work to show video on my cintiq :iconotlplz: I had to draw like if it was those regular screenless drawing tablets.

Guise, it was so weird. And uncomfortable. And awkward. And uncomfortable...........and weird...........and not to mention unhealthy because the TV screen is like a good 70 inches or something and I was up close since my tablet cables were too short X'D.......

But I drew stuff! Not for myself, some other peepls characters. I have to say, some of you peeps have some coolio cheerios :D. I'm glad I got to satisfy my itch to draw even for just a moment, I sketched like 4 different characters each a few times..and all within an hour! That never happens, i usually just draw one thing and it takes me hours just to sketch and then I'm done for the day O.o (I'm a terrible artist, I actually don't draw or practice as often as I should...I have 4 sketchbooks and I hardly have anything in them...)

Well, my room has been completely moved around and replaced furniture so now it feels more welcomey and spacey. And now I have large open desk and I'm back on my pc : D I do hope I get the chance to finish and upload some doodles, I'm running out of time pretty quick.

That's all I have to say for now-
Oh yeah, have a random gif:

Ok I'm done.


now that I'm rested up...


: D by Enigmatic-Wolf: '''' DDD by Enigmatic-Wolf
:iconimhappiestplz: yeppp, Cintiq time

Earned myself enough to buy it a long while ago, but I have turned instantly occupied with never ending college work. Then when the time came that I really needed it the most and wanted to buy it, it was out of stock in the Wacom online store (and I was like HHNNNGGGFJDKL;JASDTIO;JGKLA; *punches self*) BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT a friend suggested I buy it off of a retail store and I went for TigerDirect, who had it in stock with the exact same price as the original. I ordered it on a Friday and it came on a Monday, that was faster than I expected. I was excited and tired to try it so I tried it the next day. I needed to install drivers with the CD that came with it, but like an idiot, I had my CD Drive disconnected. So like an even bigger idiot, I went to connect it and tried turning my computer on and it didn't boot to Windows. Then I disconnected the drive and turned on again and it wouldn't boot to Windows........

... I bought an $800 piece of awesomeness of a device that I couldn't use because I broke Windows startup....

I cried. It felt like the universe was trying to stop me, as if I was never meant to use a drawing tablet. Biggest slap across the face I had in that one week. Luckily, my dad helped out and somehow moved something in my hard drive and now I can get on my desktop again. ;U; so fortunate to have computer technicians in the family.

SO, now I'm back. Better than ever. Faster than before. And much. More. DANGEROUS.

Also, dad brought in a broken Macbook Air, the screen was torn off the rest of the body. But it can still turn on (my brother's reaction to the headless laptop was hilarious) There was no way to be able to see the desktop screen, we thought about connecting my Cintiq with it as a monitor instead, but it'll need an adapter for it to work. Then on my birthday, my bro handed me the laptop and gave me an HDMI to Mac adaptor. I hooked it up. AND IT WORKED. SORT OF. It just... needs some calibration....and proper drivers...

Img 20150609 231159 784 by Enigmatic-WolfImg 20150609 231921 667 by Enigmatic-Wolf

....It's still very unreal guys. My first drawing tablet is a Cintiq, like this is still a bit hard to register in my mind. And now I have a monitor for my laptop. I dislike MacOS, so I'm going to mod the living crap out of it until Apple can't recognize it anymore :stare:


I wasn't dead anyway, just very absent. Very very absent....

Today just a few minutes ago was my last class of the quarter, now I'm finally finished. I'M FREEEEEE!!! A lot of crap happened and things were learned during my silent treatment on DA, so I'll just list them instead of making a novel:

-Improved art style and successfully did commissions before college quarter started
-Had help from friends making my own custom website : D Quickly learned about HTML and some scripts for making webpages
-Beat the crap out of myself too much throughout the projects for 4 classes X.X I cried.
-I strongly disliked one of my instructors
-And the many assignments for that class were killing me. It was really bad..
-I still don't like him
-Glad I'm finished with the quarter so I don't have to deal with him again
-Gathered enough notes and knowledge to make more coolio projects and have a headstart for my future portfolio : D
-I got a decapitated Macbook Air for my birthday : DDDDD and it still turns on ahueheuehuwa3rujfid;lgj
-I'm still obsessed with chiptunes, demotros and anything retro, ;u; they're just soooo cooolllll....
-I legitimately bought Portal 2.... for $5 on steam!!!!!! (I remember when it first came out as $60, sweet baby jeezus..)
-Got a 2 TB external hard drive ;U; so now I'm backing up my crap like a madman before I almost lose EVERYTHING AGAIN DX
-Realized I'm ready to get my rear end driving my car out in this dangerous world
-I am one persistent b@$tard0



But I'm too tired to show it off right now, I'll make a journal about it and the broken laptop later. Thanks again guys for the birthday wishes of a while ago, it was very depressing in my birthday, they meant a lot to me during that time :heart::heart::heart:

Recently, I'm frequently getting disconnected from internet ;n; I thought it was my network card, but it's our modem, most likely because of overheating (because these guys like to leave it on over night ASJGKDL:S!! D: <) except that it's kicking us out and leaves us hanging offline for longer periods of time. And now as I type this, I just realized I can't even connect to the college wifi with my phone. So .............poo :c .

I'm very very tired of doing work. I'm more mentally tired than anything, I'm so done right now. Just. Done. That's all. I really don't feel like talking much. I've been facing so much bull crap just UGH, it was terrible and ridiculous. I'm pretty behind on my messages x.x //sigh. I just need a little break. Going home and hopefully we get internet working again soon. I'll cya later guys.
I just got out of the shower. Spent less than 20 minutes in there.

I was all nice and dandy soaping up until..

..I saw a roach on the corner.


And I was all like:


It was exactly around this time of month when the ant invasion happened last year. I really did some serious cleaning and sealing job then, enough so that they never came back. Now it's the roaches turn. I freakin' HATE INSECTS. Spring is coming, it's getting warmer. But in Las Vegas, it's already the beginning of summer during spring. And I know they'll be coming.... OOOOHHH I KNOW THEY'RE COMING. They'll be coming in to find a cooler place to stay away from the scorching heat.

Oh, but Wolfy will be going on a week of break really soon. So she'll have PLENTY of time to clean the bathroom and do more sealing.

All. By. Herself.


...Something really weird and really scary happened to me last night......

I was sleeping very deeply, wasn't dreaming of anything, just completely blank. I was sleeping so good and so nice that when I woke up..... I had the sudden realization that I had a physical body...

....I had actually forgotten about my existence....

No joke.

Mind = :iconmushroomcloudplz:


Yesterday, after dinner with my dad's friend, we went to Kmart to find my bookshelf. They didn't have any. And I actually looked up at the heavens and cried out "UNIVERSE, Y U NO LIEK ME?!?! I REALLY NEED A BOOKSHELF PLEASEEE!!! DDDDXX". So then we went to Walmart and it was right there, 3 shelf, white finish and small enough to fit on my corner. It was the last one in stock, waiting there just for me.

And I'm like "ZOMG, THANK YOU UNIVERSEEEEE!!!!:iconcryforeverplz:" And then INSTANT BUY. Payed with my moneyz and assembled it myself. My room feels better with no more books and notes crowding on my drawing table and desk. IT'S SO CUTE AND PERFECT ON MY CORNER AAAHHHSAJDFKLDS;JA;!! ;U;


Lol, well this little story goes to show if you truly wish for something and ask the universe for it, it'll eventually come true. Guise, this stuff is fo' reals!

:icontearplz: CINTIQ TABLET, HERE I COMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So..... yesterday night, my PC gave me quite a scare while I was working on a commission. Windows froze and everything stopped responding. I thought 'Well ok, it must be a fluke, I have too many programs open and tabs on Firefox anyway' So I restarted. And then I heard my hard drive make some clicking sounds and I got a black screen saying 'A disk error occurred, press Ctrl Alt Delete to restart'. So I restarted again.

I got the same black screen.

And the dreadful error message.

*Hard drive clicking noises*

Wolfy started to panic. And it didn't feel good....all of the files in this 1TB HD, everyone has not been backed up yet. My freakin' career is in here. Wolfy got scared. Ask LR7 for some bro help. Told Wolfy she most likely had to do some cleaning and maintenance.

Took the advice and this morning, I took my sweet time to do the cleaning myself (because my bro likes to wake up suuuuper late like a rock >.>) and I was RELIEVED to know that my computer yelled at me only for a clean up :'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''D Holy garbage cans. I honestly would just break down and bawl for the rest of my life.... so much data collected over the years, so many achievements :iconcryforeverplz:

BUT NOW IT'S OK BECAUSE WOLFY CLEANED UP HER PC ALL BY HERSELF AND FIXED THE PROBLEM! AAAAAANNNDDDDD I also took the opportunity to finally take pics and show it off to whoever likes to waste their time reading my journals that nobody reads anyway :' D
INCOMING G33K 0V3RL04D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Img 20150219 102732 170 by Enigmatic-WolfImg 20150219 092325 431 by Enigmatic-Wolf
This is my little boy, childrens. Isn't he beautiful?! Brings tears to my eyes to know that he's turning 4 years with me. His name is Bob the Train. He was passed on to me by my bro :iconlandriders7th: , he constructed him with my dad (they're both computer technicians). Since I'm not the one who built him, I don't know all the details. What I do know is that Bob is customly made of an MSI motherboard, containing an AMD Phenom II X2 555 Processor, 8 GB of RAM with an NVIDIA GeForce 8400 Graphics card, ALL slapped onto a piece of plexiglass with two pieces of bike parts screwed on the sides that allow Bob to be mounted on a wall. Those green tentacles you see are a mess of cables that connect from the power supply to the motherboard.

Speaking of power supply, I had to clean everything including that.
Img 20150219 092435 530 by Enigmatic-Wolf
Guys, I'll tell you now, it's not safe to be messing with the power source. But there were some serious dust bunnies in there, no place should be left undusted. Especially if it's a transparent case, seeing them in there is just.. ugh...ew.... At least I got that over with.

Oh yea.... and this is my 'On' button..

Img 20150219 092539 354 by Enigmatic-Wolf
:iconawesomefaceplz::iconfabulousplz: SO FABULOUS, RIGHT?!?!?!            Also...
                                                                          Img 20150219 092509 260 by Enigmatic-Wolf
                                        Hiding behind all the green cables is my 1 TerraByte Hard drive. His name is ChorizoBeans. He was once pronounced dead months ago, 'til my dad took him to the freezer morgue to cool down and brought him back to life. And I've been using him again since then. I'm still kind of suspicious that he might die on me again since he has been formatted a couple of times and it's not the first time he gave me the 'clicks of doom'.

I had to move Bob to the living room so I can clean him out and then take him outside and blow off the left over dust. And this is what part of mah crib looks like:
Img 20150219 102742 594 by Enigmatic-Wolf
Yes, that's the family TV. No, it's not for sale. You see behind that door where there's a tower in there? Yes, that PC is connected to the TV. We watch youtube and stream movies here. TH3 P0W3R 0F TH3 G33K 15 5TR0NG H3R3.

And finally, when I was all finished, I moved Bob back to my room, stuck him under my desk, connected everything and turn him on. Made me happy to see him glowing a nice bright blue again.

Img 20150219 105402 954 by Enigmatic-Wolf

So freakin' glad I just had to clean him out and he's good as new again : D He looks so pretty shining under my desk ;u;. Sure he's still noisy, even if I screwed on the fan more tighter, of course that's why I named him Bob the Train :heart:. That's all from me for now, hope the read was enjoyable and informative somehow. Kudos to those who read all the way through, you get a free cookie! YAY!



*poofs in a pink sparkly cloud of pixie dust*